The Abby Normal Series

It starts like it always does, with a young child, a nightmare, and a cry for help that no one hears. In the sleepy Okanagan town of Delapore, 10-year-old Will Brady has been having bad dreams about a haunted house. It’s a nightmare that seems a little too real, but nobody will listen to him.

Nobody but Abby Henderson, that is. Because she’s been having the exact same dream…

A public suicide, a series of grisly murders, and a house with a dark and tragic past. It’s up to Abby and her friends to find the connection between these things and stop the evil that is poisoning the town of Delapore. But they better do it quick, because that evil wants them very dead.

Abby Henderson has lived her whole life under a dark cloud. When she was born, a demon called the Deacon claimed her family as his property. When she turned 13, she was traumatized by an ominous psychic vision. When she turned 14, her dad had a psychotic breakdown and tried to kill her.

She’s just turned 25, and now people are dying all around her.

This is all according to the Deacon’s plan. He believes that Abby is the key to a ritual that will unleash an ancient evil on the world, and he will stop at nothing to make sure that ritual succeeds.

Now, Abby is in the fight of her life against an enemy that defies all reason. Together with her pious girlfriend, her magic-slinging ex-teacher, and a hotheaded Amazon with a machete, Abby will have to use every trick in the book to outlast the Deacon. Because if she can’t, her next birthday is going to be Hell.