Yeah. So that’s pretty cool. I have a website for my books ‘n’ such. And maybe other things that come up. I’m not sure. I’ve never had a website before. Not even in my long-forgotten YouTube days.

For indie authors, conventional wisdom holds that you want to develop your website well in advance of your first publication. If that’s true, then I really should have had this up and running in December or January. But I haven’t really encountered any problems yet in the ol’ “actually selling books” department, so conventional wisdom can take a flying leap.

The release of Abby Normal has basically been one big soft launch anyway. I hardly did any research on the business side of self-publishing before I pulled the trigger. I just had to get the damn book out of my sight. But I know more now, and I’ll apply some of that hard-earned wisdom to future launches. Probably. Hopefully. At the very least, I’ll try to be a little less naive when The Nowhere House drops.

Probably. Hopefully.

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